The Walking Stick Series

Kathy Love Cowen

“This engaging, mystical novel is part adventure story, part love story, but most of all, it’s a tribute to the strength of Cherokee character and culture…. A charming, deftly crafted narrative propelled by strong characters.” —Kirkus Review

Desperation, determination and fear will seize your heart when you join the Wolf clan and their search for her captors.
Willow’s mind is forcing her into a shell of her own making. Desperate to pull her back to sanity and the future they’ve planned, Snow Eagle begs her to confide in him. Tearfully she breaks the bonds binding her fears. The slave traders have been working double time. Chief Night Warrior’s sister has been taken. Willow is forced to face her fears and the man that scarred her for life. His brand was as much burned into her mind as it was her flesh. The rescue party discovers that the plantation isn’t what it appears to be. The lifestyle they uncover threatens to change their tribal way of life forever.

Available June, 2019

Murder, danger, and deception flourish.   Golden Meadow fears death far less than facing the dire consequences of her wanton ways. She will never be able to face her family or the handsome Chief Night Warrior after the night she tricked him.
To stop barbaric beasts from running a slave ring, Wolf Clan warriors  follow the last wagon leaving the plantation to the muddy banks of the Mississippi River. The young braves wade through marshy river reeds and discover a foe deadlier than the savages they’d been tracking.
Alligators  snapped at their heels as the men fought their way up a rotten rope ladder to the deck of a Buckeye. A gnarly discovery brings them to their knees when they uncover what is locked away in the dank belly of the riverboat. The man they find near death, will unite the two tribes and forever change the lives of those that lived through the deadly season of the Winter Moon.

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