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Book I Chewahnih (Che-Wah-Nih)  As the lone survivor of a horrendous raid on her village, Chewahnih is forced to leave the territory she loves. Her mother has been captured or killed and the entire settlement has been burned to the ground.

Unaware of the physical perils that awaits her, Chewahnih Walkingstick strikes out on foot with only the contents of her gather bag, a few arrow, and a walking stick. She is soon joined by a pair of unlikely traveling companions that guide and protect her through the uncharted wilderness.

Reaching the Red River Valley, Chewahnih crosses paths with a Cherokee warrior that is critically injured. While nursing him back to health, she uncovers evidence proving his participation in the raid that left her homeless and alone. Click on the “Look Inside” Link  Read Chapters 1-4

Book II Willow of the Wind:

The saga continues with part II:  Willow of the Wind has everything to live for, and yet she is retreating into a shell of her own making. With each breath, Snow Eagle, her long lost love, watches her pull further away from the happiness they might have had. The chief and his warriors, with Willow’s help, have located the slave trader’s lair. The memories of being brutalized there are unbearable, but another woman has been captured and Willow is determined to free her before she is lost to them forever. At the plantation, the war party stumbles into a lifestyle that not only tempts her son, but also threatens to change their tribal way of life forever. Click on the “Look Inside” Link Read Chapters 1-4

Book III: Golden Meadow reverts back to her old snake loving ways when she discovers she isn’t the only pregnant woman carrying Tahnie’s child. Six young braves track the slave wagon to the shores of the Mississippi River and discover more than they expected when the rescue begins.

Available spring 2018

Be sure to visit the photographs on the right in the inspiration gallery.  Get to know the characters with four legs.  I wanted to share the beautiful horses, various animals, and the amazing scenic locations that influenced this tale of danger, adventure and romance.



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