Bird Houses

To me, these are just very relaxing to paint. They are truly “no talent” needed but fun to let your imagination wander. You would be surprised at how a little blob of color with ears and a tail can easily become a fluffy dog, cat, or add wings and you’ve got a bat.

The base paint can be any water base “outside-house paint.” Buy one sample at Sherwin Williams for $5 and depending on size, you can paint a dozen or so birdhouses. Make it a light base color, pour a couple of inches in a paper cup, tint it with a squirt of acrylic and everyone’s can be a different color. Trade to use as a contrasting color. If you’re planning on using outside, coat with a clear acrylic UV spray to prevent fading.

These little houses create a bright spot in anyone’s room. Adorn with a little decorative bird (also cheap) and you’ve created a miniature habitat. I’m planning on painting a little settlement for the wrens flitting around our yard. I think This colorful colony will become a bright spot on our new, very boring, wood fence. No wood fence? Drill two small holes in the back and zip tie onto wrought iron fences, or add a screw-in eye hook on the top to hang.


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