Long ago I wrote scripts for advertising videos highlighting graduate student work for the marine biology students, in Galveston, TX. Writing a book was near the bottom of my bucket list. I remember Gene suggesting that I write a short story for a friend of his that was collecting stories from different ethnic backgrounds. I shrugged the idea off and planted it in some remote corner of my brain. I didn’t think of it again until I woke one morning at the beach with the smell of smoke in the air, screaming people, and horses thundering over the hard-packed ground. The scene in my head jumped from the bed to the computer-screen and continued to grow over the next six weeks.

While researching our heritage, I discovered that my 4th great grandmother’s name was Chewahnih Betsy Walkingstick. She was married to Isaac Nicholson. Both were full-blooded Cherokee Indians. Why didn’t Isaac have an Indian name? That’s explained in book 1 and how my mother’s maiden name became Nicholson. This is the story of how they might have met. It’s not the typical historical romance but more of an adventure, mystery, sprinkled with a lot of humor, and wonderful cast of secondary actors.

Chewahnih as an uncanny way of communicating with animals. She is soon joined by two unlikely traveling companions. A raven and a wolf, who she believes to be the spirit of her mother and father. They turn out to be something quite different.

The books are appropriate for young adults and beyond. Each tale picks up where the last one ended. I hope you give it a try. Meet the family, like the page, and enjoy. Consider subscribing. I hope to get to know you all as well and share some of the interesting facts I’ve learned.