Kathy 1999Kathy Love Cowen, author of the Native American romantic-adventure series, The Walking Stick, was born and raised in Kansas. She attended Baker University in Baldwin, Kansas as an art major. Kathy and her husband Al, now live on the Texas coast. She has one son, Wesley Love, a Purple Heart veteran of two wars.
Wesley’s prompting, started her quest to research their ancestry. In her youth, Kathy would spend time on her aunt’s cattle ranch in Oklahoma. “Aunt Maude was a feisty woman and probably has had the greatest influenced my life.” In the evenings, her aunt would spin stories of their “Indian” ancestors. Kathy has finally been able to establish a paper trail to her Cherokee lineage. Her 5th, great grandparents, Chewahnih and Isaac Nicholson are the principal characters of her debut novel. The Walking Stick has grown into 3 book series and so far, encompasses three generations. A 4th book is planned for late 2018. Future books are planned to continue the series through her own generation.
The Walking Stick is set in the Oklahoma Indian Territory during the 1800’s. Animals have always played an important role in Kathy’s life. She enjoys an unusual empathy with her fur-bearing friends and chooses to believe that this appreciation for wildlife is linked to her Native American lineage. The depth of her perception into their unique personalities becomes apparent in the humorous secondary characters woven into The Walking Stick.

Kathy has had an interesting career working as an underwater videographer for Texas A&M University in Galveston, Texas. Writing scripts, media relations, setting up, and funding graduate student thesis projects. As a volunteer she became active with Help Endangered Animals Ridley Turtles, H.E.A.R.T. This gradually evolved into a business of coordinating fundraising events for various other charities.
When Kathy is not writing, she now enjoys oil painting. She and her husband are retired and enjoy entertaining in their beachside home in Galveston, Texas, which is where her first manuscript was drafted.

Most of what Kathy does involves the assistance of a fat-black cat named Bandit. Hypnotized by the blinking cursor, Bandit claims co-authorship of the series and is responsible for any unintentional oversights in the manuscript.

The Walking Stick is a slightly mystical story that will help you understand the way of life for Native American’s during the frontier days. Learn many of the Cherokee rituals and take a glimpse of life without electricity and fast-food. How Native Americans evolved from a tribal culture to becoming your neighbor in the suburbs. The books are Christian based and suitable for young adults. Snuggle up to a bobcat named Six Toes, or Angel, the white wolf, and get ready for adventure, romance, mystery, and humor.

Enjoy the photographs that inspired her critter characters, along with many of the scenic locations depicted within the Indian Territory.